OpenLM Broker v23.8: What is new?


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We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of OpenLM Broker. With this new release, we are bringing updates and enhancements that will empower your organization to streamline its licensing operations and ensure optimal software utilization.

Addressing Vulnerabilities and Enhancing Security

Security is our utmost priority, and in this release, we have taken significant steps to fortify OpenLM Broker against potential threats. We’ve updated the built-in Java library to mitigate the vulnerability known as CVE-2023-20860.

IPGlock  Monitoring Mechanism

The OpenLM Broker now employs the lockutil.exe utility instead of the conventional telnet method for monitoring IPGlock. 

Expanded License Information for LMX

We are introducing the Watch License File section for LMX. This will ease the process of reporting a problem when it occurs.

Broadened License Manager Support

One of the most exciting aspects of this release is the addition of support for new License Managers, further expanding the scope of OpenLM Broker’s capabilities:

  1. Peloton RigView: Seamlessly manage licenses for Peloton RigView with OpenLM Broker. This addition enhances compatibility and ensures that you have complete control over your Peloton RigView licenses.
  2. Oracle DB / Enterprise Manager: OpenLM Broker now provides full-fledged support for Oracle Database and Enterprise Manager license management. This integration simplifies the process of overseeing your Oracle licenses, contributing to more efficient resource allocation.
  3. tNavigator: With the inclusion of tNavigator in the list of supported License Managers, OpenLM Broker reaffirms its commitment to offering an all-encompassing solution for license management. Effortlessly handle your tNavigator licenses and optimize their utilization across your organization.

To consult the full change log, please visit

Upgrade Today for a Streamlined License Management Experience

We recommend that all users of previous OpenLM Broker versions upgrade to this latest version.

  • Download the Broker installation file from the ‘Downloads’ section on the OpenLM website.
  • Install the new version on top of the existing one.

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