OpenLM Workstation Agent v23.10 – What’s New?


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OpenLM is thrilled to announce that the latest version of OpenLM Workstation Agent, v23.10, has been released and is available for download.
This release brings a number of fixes such as:

  • 46760: When upgrading, the security and authorization files are not updated during a silent installation
  • 46367: The “InstallMatlabExtensionAction” in the installer is failing
  • 45236: When the AutoCad is in the foreground and it has been suspended, the window does not minimize
  • 46812: When Workstation Agent fails to get process start time in the ProcessCycleInfoAsync, the process’s start time is incorrectly showing as January 1, 2000

MATLAB 2023b support

In addition to this, we’re happy to announce that this current release of Workstation Agent supports the latest version of MATLAB, 2023b. Although MATLAB support was always present, this release fixes a bug with the Workstation Agent installer where the extension was not properly installed for the latest version of MATLAB. Users can now benefit from full OpenLM license monitoring and management, even if they’re using the latest cutting-edge version.

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