OpenLM CEO Annual Webinar: Leading Innovation


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Dear friends,

In today’s world, every organization must adapt, transform, and innovate. So how do you drive the type of organizational transformation that shifts leadership behaviors and culture? How do you create a steady environment that ensures the needs of your end-users?

In this webinar, Oren Gabay OpenLM CEO, will share insights from his research and consulting with customers, and future trends. He will reveal OpenLM new solutions and services that will help you overcome the barriers and to lead innovation in your company.

Oren welcomes you to send questions or topics you would like to discuss with him and he will conduct a QA session at the end of the webinar.

The webinar will be conducted 2 times on different days and hours, thus please join the one that best suits your availability.

First session:   January 15th, 17:00 pm CET (Europe) 07:00 (US PDT)
Second session: January 22nd, 20:00 pm CET (Europe) 10:00 ( US PDT)

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Noa Yitzhak
VP Marketing, OpenLM

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