OpenLM is now compliant with ServiceNow® Washington DC Release


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As the software industry is constantly evolving, we at OpenLM also keep upgrading our system for better compatibility, enhanced features, performance optimization, and security. This makes our solution both agile and future-proof. Recently, premium software asset management solution ServiceNow, one of our business partners, launched their release named after Washington DC. We also wasted no time integrating our system with the new release by obtaining the app certificate.

Now take a look at the benefits you can avail with the ServiceNow® Washington DC release and OpenLM support.

Enhanced productivity with smart automation

Workflow Studio and Now Assist will help you enable automation in different parts of your business and boost productivity as a result.

Simplified operations in a unified platform

Access surface insights and manage teams on a single interface built for the 21st-century digital workplace. Also, in the same platform, you can manage orders and sales and make informed decisions by looking at platform analytics.

Amplified performance, better scalability

Boost agility with efficient and precise delivery of services. It will take your SLM-SAM experience to a brand new dimension.

For further insights regarding our service and support, don’t hesitate to write to us. You can also register for our industry-oriented webinars to learn more about our solutions, upgrades, industry trends, and more.

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