Optimized Licenses, Enhanced Productivity: The OpenLM Mantra


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Being in charge of IT infrastructure can be frustrating if you can’t optimize your resources to their fullest. In a typical IT organization, major IT resources include IT infrastructure, networks, databases and software packages. Having so many aspects of managing IT resources, IT managers often have to focus more on creative and strategic tasks, while repetitive tasks such as monitoring software licenses take a backseat. As a result, it often leads to unutilization or underutilization of software licenses, preventing which can save millions of dollars for organizations in some cases.

To address such situations, OpenLM has been delivering customized license management solutions for the last two decades, and till now has served more than 1,500 customers worldwide. We take into consideration all the bottlenecks in monitoring licenses, and enable organizations to optimize their licenses, thanks to our BI-enabled real-time reporting. Read on to understand how OpenLM aids license management in IT and non-IT organizations, and help them reach maximum productivity.


Boosting productivity with OpenLM: How OpenLM can help maximize the output of your team

The tagline of OpenLM is ‘Stretching your licenses to their limit’, which signifies optimum license management by negating all probabilities of errors and wastage. We do it in the following ways:

Ensuring maximum visibility by efficient tracking of software licenses

While depending on manual processes may limit software tracking and visibility, OpenLM’s smart license monitoring solution can ensure that you don’t miss out on any details regarding license purchase, allocation, usage, renewal dates, and more. This will ensure there is no confusion or delay in license renewal or cancellation, that can hamper productivity. 

Supporting complex licensing models like Bentley, AutoDesk, and more

Organizations subscribing to complicated licensing models often find it difficult to manage them efficiently due to their unique terms and conditions. For example, Bentley is a typical software publisher that allows overuse and then penalizes the user against the overuse. In such situations, the traditional way of license monitoring doesn’t work as there is no auto-denial of licenses and most software license management solutions cannot track them. However, with OpenLM, you can mitigate this risk by effectively controlling the usage of Bentley licenses. Overall, OpenLM supports licenses by 75+ software publishers, the highest in the industry.

Reducing denials by tracking idle time and harvesting unutilized licenses

Denials in software license management occur when a user attempts to acquire a software license for use but is unable to do so due to unavailability. One common reason for license denials is license exhaustion, where all available licenses are in use at that point of time. However, it’s important to note that license engagement does not necessarily equate to active usage. Users may momentarily switch tasks or take breaks after acquiring a license, leaving the license technically engaged but idle. OpenLM provides a feature called idle time monitoring, which tracks licenses that are running idle on systems. This feature can help identify underutilized licenses. Additionally, OpenLM offers a license harvesting feature, allowing administrators to reclaim licenses from idle users and make them available for others to access. Administrators can set a threshold time for idle licenses, after which they can choose to manually harvest licenses or automate the process to ensure efficient license utilization.

Providing real-time BI-enabled reporting and analytics

Bid goodbye to scheduled reporting where you would get license usage details much later than the actual time. In these reports, insights such as the number of licenses used, denials, and compliance status were not relevant for the customers as they couldn’t get them in real-time. However, OpenLM is changing this by providing real-time reports, thanks to its BI-enabled interface. Leveraging data from these real-time reports, organizations can now make informed decisions regarding license allocation, resource management, and productivity-boosting initiatives.

Prioritizing automation to reduce glitches in manual processes

While manual processes in software license management are time-consuming and also pose risks of errors, OpenLM enables you to automate various license management tasks, such as allocation of licenses, renewal reminders, and more. Thus, it boosts the overall efficiency and productivity of your organization.

Offering integration with major SAM platforms

OpenLM has partnered with major software asset management solutions such as ServiceNow and License Dashboard. By leveraging these solutions, OpenLM provides a comprehensive report that includes software usage and license compliance data, thus enabling organizations to take informed decisions to optimize their IT assets. 

These are the major aspects of OpenLM that enable organizations to optimize their software licenses and thereby increase productivity. However, there are many other features and benefits you can avail with OpenLM when it comes to the comprehensive management of licenses. For further insights, don’t forget to register for our industry-oriented webinars. In this space, we cover different features of OpenLM, product upgrades, as well as crucial information about the software license management industry.


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