OpenLM New and Last Pre-Release Version


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OpenLM Pre-release version

Pre-release version is planned to be the last pre-release version, it includes bug fixes and new functionality. Note that this is still a pre-release version not intended for production use, please don’t upgrade your production system.


Please check for upgrade instructions at the end of this message.

What’s new in OpenLM Pre-release Server (May 28, 2014)

– 0001835: [EasyAdmin] Links In “License Servers” and “Feature Usage Status” should be disabled if the “CCL” and/or “Licenses” are not enabled  – resolved.

– 0001845: [OpenLM Server] OLM-Server – Notifications – Can not set up for public mail such as gmail  – resolved.

– 0001573: [OpenLM Server] PHP and lightpd services did not start  – resolved.

– 0001829: [General] PHP service will not start  – resolved.

– 0001740: [General] Read RMS debug log file.  – resolved.

– 0001787: [EasyAdmin] prompt the user before exiting when there are unsaved changes  – resolved.

– 0001837: [OpenLM Server] License usage – handle current sessions with candidate end time  – resolved.

– 0001329: [OpenLM Server] Link from licenses to license procurement  – resolved.

– 0001910: [OpenLM Server] License usage problem when feature is obsolete BUT the quantity is still open (due to errors)  – resolved.

– 0001889: [OpenLM Server] Cant install Even when installing from scratch (not upgrade)  – resolved.

– 0001905: [EasyAdmin] License Servers  – resolved.

– 0000828: [OpenLM Server] Bad message in oracle based upgrade  – resolved.

– 0001902: [OpenLM Server] Problems showing mixed NMU/Floating license  – resolved.

– 0001898: [OpenLM Server] Can’t upgrade SQL DB 1.8 –> 2.0  – resolved.

– 0001792: [EasyAdmin] explanation is not clear in new alert condition “feature usage by period”  – resolved.

– 0001569: [EasyAdmin] add immediate help to complex option in EasyAdmin  – resolved.

– 0001579: [EasyAdmin] Option file admin window stuck.  – resolved.

– 0001854: [EasyAdmin] Options file selected, but won’t save.  – resolved.

– 0001853: [EasyAdmin] User settings – remove ‘Next’ button on last step of wizard  – resolved.

– 0001872: [EasyAdmin] Version Filtering does not work in “License Procurement”  – resolved.

– 0001788: [EasyAdmin] alerts add destination form is not clear  – resolved.

– 0001859: [OpenLM Server] Suspension not working with Autocad license.  – resolved.

– 0001828: [EasyAdmin] provide additional predefined filters  – resolved.

– 0001860: [EasyAdmin] selecting a date should move the active option to “expires before”  – resolved.

– 0001848: [EasyAdmin] Problem related to startup filters  – resolved.

– 0001592: [EasyAdmin] Error when saving option file – was not shown to the user  – resolved.

– 0001661: [OpenLM Server] Light: Must use “openlm remotely queries license manager” since broker is not included  – resolved.

– 0001878: [EasyAdmin] New icon is not visible  – resolved.

– 0001879: [EasyAdmin] can’t close alert rules window on firefox  – resolved.

– 0001821: [EasyAdmin] Alert Management – Destinations – Email field is required though users can be selected  – resolved.

– 0001822: [EasyAdmin] Alert Management – Destinations, when selecting “Defined by custom pattern” settings are set to zero  – resolved.

– 0001823: [EasyAdmin] Alerts Management – Destinations – SMS – “Adress” should be called “Phone number”  – resolved.

– 0001836: [EasyAdmin] Vendors and Features of deleted Servers for Unmanaged Processes show up in Filters  – resolved.

– 0001869: [OpenLM Server] Can not read information from the Options file.  – resolved.

– 0001849: [EasyAdmin] error removing unmanaged – during presentation  – resolved.

– 0001858: [EasyAdmin] Easy Admin – Email/SMS – Email: Email is not working  – resolved.

– 0001862: [EasyAdmin] Usage level should be rounded to integer  – resolved.

– 0001838: [EasyAdmin] Alerts configuration: Can’t add conditions  – resolved.

– 0001692: [OpenLM Server] fatal error  – resolved.

– 0001857: [OpenLM Server] Can’t close Autodesk session manually.  – resolved.

– 0001558: [EasyAdmin] negative up time to license server  – resolved.

– 0001880: [EasyAdmin] License Usage – The total line dissapers (development) – closed.

– 0001580: [EasyAdmin] adding user to role easyadmin hung up  – closed.

– 0001856: [OpenLM Server] KeyNotFoundExceptions in configuration form  – closed.


How to upgrade from previous versions


Upgrading from older versions using Firebird database


Upgrading an existing version is done by installing the new version on-top of the existing version. OpenLM will automatically upgrade the database to the new DB version.

At this stage we only support embedded Firebird installation. A release that supports external databases will be release soon.
If for any reason the process fails, send the report named FBDBUpdate_Log.txt located in unzipped file to our Support team at:

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