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Software license management becomes an easy task with OpenLM Professional Services. On-demand expertise is the fastest way to eliminate software asset management hiccups while saving time and money. Are you lacking resources managing the organization’s licenses? Just take use of the on-demand expertise OpenLM can provide you. 

OpenLM started as a simple, one-click install product with razor-sharp functionality: optimize engineering license usage. As innovation is in our DNA, the OpenLM product has become more complex over the years, with multiple functionalities being added as a result of accommodating the software license management requests, we have received from our customers, and also in an effort to keep up with constantly changing industry requirements.

Given the complexity of the solution, we understand that the task of maintaining OpenLM or software license management may become a challenge for organizations. Also, we are aware that administering license servers and managers, and right-sizing an organization’s software assets is challenging due to certain limitations (e.g., lack of time, lack of resource) that vary by case. 

Questions successful software license managers need to answer

What’s the actual usage of the licensed software? 

Are we using ALL installed software? 

Does the software usage comply with the license agreement signed with the vendor? These are just a few questions SAM (software asset manager) professionals need to answer and we haven’t even mentioned the cost saving opportunities they need to have in mind. 

Managing and planning software procurements is not an easy task and not all organizations have the time, and resources to address all the challenges of license management. This is where OpenLM Professional Services comes in handy.

OpenLM Professional Services: on-demand expertise and knowledge

Our engineers are the most proficient users and administrators of OpenLM; therefore, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to benefit from our expertise. And, use it in your daily workflow of software license management..

What are we offering?

  • OpenLM Extended support
  • Remote administration of license servers/managers
  • Consultancy for license optimization and procurement
  • Compliance consultancy

OpenLM Extended support

Software license management professional service goes beyond the maintenance support covered by the OpenLM license. With OpenLM Extended Support our customers get instant access to our in-house resources. A dedicated engineer will take over the OpenLM management tasks at your organization and:

  • install OpenLM Server and all related products;
  • configure everything OpenLM-related (such as OpenLM Server, OpenLM Broker, OpenLM Agent etc.);
  • keep your OpenLM system up to date;
  • configure Reporting HUB, an external OpenLM component;
  • create reports via API.

We will manage your license servers or managers for you.

License servers need a dedicated person to keep the system running. Every issue that knocks license servers out from your internal network damages your end users’ workflow and costs you money. Our engineers will closely monitor the health of the service, find the bugs, and solve the problems for you.

We will help you understand how your licenses are used.

Our license consultancy service portfolio includes a variety of services to help you understand how your end-users use software assets.

We will ensure that you remain compliant

With OpenLM running on your network and our expert analysis of end-user license consumption, you can rest assured that your inbox is protected from hefty compliance bills from software vendors.

We will optimize your software license portfolio

OpenLM Professional Services is there for you in optimizing your software license portfolio and identifying ways to cut costs. With OpenLM Cloud you can rest assured that access to the most accurate cloud-based software license management solution is guaranteed. We will crunch the data for you and provide license procurement recommendations based on your requirements. 

Are you ready to take use of the OpenLM on-demand professional services and optimize the organization’s software assets? Contact us today!

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