The New Reporting Tool of OpenLM 3.2


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Until now, ALL license reports have been embedded within the OpenLM EasyAdmin web application. The process of producing usage reports involved the execution of an OpenLM database query based on OpenLM APIs. This query would return the required information, and the results would be presented in EasyAdmin.

However, integration with a NEW reporting tool enables customers to generate customized reports by themselves to suit their needs.

The new reporting interface makes use of a second, report-dedicated database, implemented with PostgreSQL. The PostgreSQL database is arranged in OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), and its database may be presented by means of any 3rd party reporting tool.

The new reporting interface provides an answer to a long-awaited feature: Periodic, scheduled reporting and presentation.

Separate reporting database allows to release resources, so heavy reporting tasks won’t consume operational server resources.

Naturally, OpenLM will continue to support the embedded reporting functionality of the OpenLM EasyAdmin web application.

The next post will present our new EasyAdmin enhancements.

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