Trouble Shoot Form: Agent Item 004 (Failure of automatic license release – save and close)


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Title Agent fails to Close idle session in “Save and Close” method
Category Active Agent
Date March 12, 2013
Handled by
Relevant Links
Applies to license managers FLEXlm, FLEXnet publisher, IBM LUM, HASP, RLM, Sentinel RMS, LM-X, DSLS
Applies to license model Floating licenses, Network licenses, Concurrent licenses
Symptoms OpenLM Agent is set to release Idle licenses by “Save and Close”, but those stay checked out.
Observed during investigation
Trouble shoot process

Troubleshooting automatic license release issues – Save & Close

OpenLM supports two methods of shutting down idle licenses: Suspend & Resume and Save & Close. For more information on these configurations, please read the following Application note: Application Note 1005: Configuring OpenLM to close idle Licenses . This document covers the Save & Close method troubleshoot.

Suspend and Resume:

Suspends the session and releases the license on the server side. When the user resumes work, the license is retaken (if still available) and the application resumes from the same position it was suspended. This method’s troubleshoot is not covered in this document.

Save and Close:

Saves and closes the active session, releasing the license for other users. The OpenLM Active agent fully closes the licensed software. This document covers this method’s troubleshoot.

The Save and Close mode is only applicable if the OpenLM Agent extension was installed as part of the OpenLM Agent installation. Furthermore, the Save and Close method is only supported for ESRI ArcGIS , Autodesk software and Matlab applications.

Try closing the application manually

Applications may normally be closed manually by an administrator through the EasyAdmin tool:

  • Open the “OpenLM EasyAdmin” window.
  • Click “Active products” (see image below).
  • Find the current open session of the program on your machine.
  • Click the “Close Application” button.

If an application fails to close via the close application button, please try the following actions:

Make sure the extension was properly installed

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS: Click the “Customize” tab → Select “Extensions”. Confirm that “OpenLM Arcgis Extension” appears in the Extensions list.

Autodesk software: The Save and Close mode is supported for any Autodesk software application. In Autocad Map 3D, for example, type in the “OLM” command at the bottom of the AutoCAD window.  If the OpenLM Agent extension was installed, you should get a message such as depicted below:

If the Extension is not installed, an Error message should appear, stating that the “OLM” command is not recognized.

The agent is not installed correctly / No extension installed:

  • Close the monitored Application
  • Remove the Agent using the “Program files” → “Add/Remove programs” application.
  • Download the latest version of the Active Agent (as opposed to the Utilizer Agent) from OpenLM’s downloads area, and review our agent installation guide.

OpenLM Server version not up-to-date:

  • Download the latest version of the OpenLM Server from OpenLM’s downloads area,
  • Stop the OpenLM server service, and Back up the OpenLM Database.
  • Install the latest version of the OpenLM Server on top of the existing one.

product_features xml file

Update the product_features xml file. See this post for clarification.

OpenLM Agent Configuration

On Workstations that have issues closing idle sessions, right click the Active Agent Icon and select “OpenLM Agent Configuration”. Verify that the OpenLM Server is configured correctly, and that the connectivity check is successful.

EasyAdmin web application configuration:

1. click ‘Start’ → Administration → Active Agent. Make sure “Enable License Release Functionality” is checked.
2. Try to alleviate the criteria for license closure. This is fine tuning: experiment here until you get results.

  • Try decreasing “start releasing …”. Perhaps you haven’t surpassed this threshold yet.
  • Minimum idle: Try doing that after 3 minutes as an experiment. Minimize the ArcGis application in order to make sure that it is indeed idle.
  • Increase the “%Processor time” (e.g. to 5).
  • Increase the “IO Data …” (e.g. to 5).
  • Increase the “%User usage ” (e.g. to 5).

OpenLM Support

If all this doesn’t help – please send us logs:

  • Set the OpenLM Server and Agent logging level to ‘ALL’,
  • Wait several minutes,
  • Invoke such a condition where you feel the Agen’t has failed to close an idle application,
  • Zip and send us the log file directories.
  • The OpenLM Server log file is normally located at: C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM ServerLog
  • You can find the Agent’s log by doing this: Click Windows Start → OpenLM → Agent → tools → OpenLM Agent Logs Folder.
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