Trouble Shoot Form: EasyAdmin Item 001(Unable to connect to EasyAdmin)


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Title Unable to connect to EasyAdmin
Category EasyAdmin web application
Date Oct 11, 2011
Handled by
Relevant Links
Applies to license managers FLEXlm, FLEXnet, IBM LUM, HASP, RLM, Sentinel RMS
Applies to license model Floating licenses, Network licenses, Concurrent licenses
Symptoms Customer could not connect to EasyAdmin.
Observed during investigation
Trouble shoot process Check web server service running,
Check OpenLM server service running.
Solution Found (Found/Pending/Known Issue)
Other steps for troubleshooting


The customer complained that he “Couldn’t connect to the EasyAdmin”. Attempting to open the EasyAdmin web application resulted in the following message box appearing on his screen:
In a similar case, the customer got a different notification:

 Troubleshoot process

This kind of issues is related to services that have stopped and are not currently active. The 1st thing to try is restarting the respective process.

1. Navigate to the windows services: Click Start → Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Services. The “Services” window appears.

2. In the first case (“Couldn’t connect to host” message box), it may be an issue of the OpenLM Server service.

2a. Select that OpenLM Server service in the “Services” window.

2b. Right click the OpenLM Server service, and set it to restart – see image below.

2c. Restart the EasyAdmin web application.

3. If the 2nd type message box (“Please Check your Internet connection”) appeared, it may be an issue of the web server service. Restart your web server service (e.g.: LightTPD).

Other steps for troubleshooting:

If restarting the services does not work – here are some other things you may try:

  • Run the EasyAdmin application from the same computer as the OpenLM Server.

  • Make sure that any security components (Firewall) are not blocking communication to the EasyAdmin web application.

  • Temporarily stop the OpenLM Server and OpenLM Broker services. Open the task manager’s processes window. Make sure the computer is not held-up by any other process.

  • Still in the task manager’s processes window, look for the LightTpd process. If there are multiple processes with that name – kill them, and restart the LightTpd service on the services window.

  • Make sure the default HTTP listener port (7019) is kept open. Try a different port (e.g. 7020) on the lighttpd-inc.conf configuration file(C:Program FilesOpenLMOpenLM ServerWebServer) . Then restart LightTPD service.

  • Try connecting the proxy to the test page; Select the test page from the ‘Start’ menu (see below). Click the ‘Check’ button. An indication similar to that of the 2nd image below should appear.

  • Try a different web browser.

  • Try erasing the Proxy server logs. These are found in the following positions:

Win 7: C:ProgramDataOpenLM

XP, Win 2003: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplicationOpenLM

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