OpenLM Making Big Waves With Its Innovative Software Licensing and Management Solutions


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Great minds incubate great ideas. Great ideas always create a newer dimension and usually replace all the old-school ways. Similar is the story of ‘OpenLM’ that was once just an idea, but today, it’s changing the software licensing world.

Founded in the year 2007 by Oren Gabay and Rachel Bahar, today OpenLM has created its own niche amongst its clients in almost every corner of the world. Today, it is recognized as a global vendor of engineering and specialty software license management in today’s world.

Based out of Israel with offices all across the world, OpenLM is today an organization that proudly holds ‘GSA Contract’ and infinite awards & accolades. The organization has been featured by market giants and leaders like Captera, SoftwareAdvice, TrustRadius, CUSPERA, and others. OpenLM has also been recognized by Gartner Software Assessment Market Guide, Sep 2021. 

Over the years, OpenLM has kept the boat sailing with its array of innovations and solutions that redefined the way other organizations purchase and use software licenses. Today, it has gained around 1000+ customers from across the globe, most of which belong to the ‘Fortune 1000’ club. Whether aerospace or automation, defense or education, energy or architecture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, or any other domains, OpenLM has expedited unparalleled solutions.

Here are some of the headlines made by OpenLM in recent times: 

  1. License Harvesting by OpenLM – Purchase Less & Get More from Software Licenses
  2. OpenLM is Now Gartner Recognized Leading Vendor in Engineering & Specialty Software License Management
  3. OpenLM introduces SaaS-based pricing for its software license management solutions
  4. OpenLM announces new pricing plans for software license management solutions – On-premise, Cloud
  5. Why QOS is crucial in Engineering Licensing?
  6. License Harvesting by OpenLM – Purchase Less & Get More from Software Licenses
  7. OpenLM Cloud Portal – A Launchpad to the Cloud

OpenLM currently operates across Israel, the USA, Europe, Japan, France, Moldova, India, Germany, Austria, and emerging countries like Australia, Malaysia, China, Thailand, LATAM, and others. OpenLM has partnerships with traditional software asset management players, such as ServiceNow and LicenseExpertConsultants.

Serving across 15+ industries – Aerospace, Automotive, Engineering Services, Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Healthcare, Semiconductors, Energy, Power & Utility, Gaming, Government, Telecommunication, Mining, Electronics, Construction, and more, OpenLM has an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 4.6. (Source: OpenLM Customer Satisfaction Survey).

OpenLM Cloud is monitoring, optimizing, and governing both engineering, specialty software licenses, and web-based SaaS applications like Workday, Salesforce, Office 365, Autodesk, Slack, Postman, etc. OpenLM monitors web-based applications with the help of OpenLM Workstation Agent deployment on a user’s workstation or standalone node or OpenLM Browser Extension. Thus, improving license utilization/availability and cutting licensing costs. OpenLM provides multiple pre-built API integrations, such as AutoCAD plugin, etc.

OpenLM Promises

  • One global platform to manage licenses
  • An improved end-user experience at a minimal cost
  • Visibility of the organization’s software assets
  • Insights to foster data-driven decisions
  • Role-based permission system
  • Integration with other systems (for example ServiceNow)
  • Support for federated SSO
  • Monitoring of SaaS or web-based applications

OpenLM’s services and solutions are just an email away. Get in touch to know more about our products and services. Partner with OpenLM to grow agile, become scalable and gain a competitive advantage.

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