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OpenLM Software Revisions





OpenLM Server version release log

The following table presents a log of enhancements and fixes that have been made in OpenLM Server version 3 releases. For information about the OpenLM Server, installation guides and the version release policy, please refer to this document. Please also consult the system requirements document prior to installation.



Release date

 Change description


Critical / Optional update
5530:  EasyAdmin – Administration – Alerts Management – Duplicate License Usage: Add Server-name to output
5525:  Rational – Duplicate components in Token when license has few pools
5524: Can not add Process Features
5529:  Server Configuration: Unable to add/modify/export server
4745:  GetHistoricSessionForDenialClassifing timeout
5511:, “Recent features Denials” : Filtering by “Denial Type” is not working.
5516: Denials Table Export: 2nd line start with a number not with Feature
5513: AllDBUpgrade Oracle issue
5510:  Rational – LicenseRepository.GetMainTokenFeatureByServer(LicenseServer server) fails
3411:  Raise alarm on license files processing errors
5489:  SAAS – license server configuration- apply configuration changes
3295:  Project-Usage Report fails when OLM_USED_LICENSES_HS.PROJECT_ID is NULL (SQL Server)
5481:  Flex analyze exception in FLEXlmExpirationAnalyzer.AddExpiration – Sequence contains more than one element
5480:  LUM – HandleExists – Failed to update feature:[Name:LicensePower/iFOR Test Product
5502:  Flexlm PACKAGE – wrong parsing to PACKAGE line when version is not indicated
5462: GreenHills:Session passes Quantity validation although quantity is 0
5485: MySQL upgrade fails from to
5301: License Usage report export to PNG are not usable for presentation
5159: Export PNG of License Usage report graph scale not lining up
5480: LUM – HandleExists – Failed to update feature:[Name:LicensePower/iFOR Test Product
New Version Release
5425: Upgrade from to failed (violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint “FK_ACL_RESOURCES_ID” on table “ACL_ENTITIES_TO_RE
5419: “Failed to update monitored process” with Firefox
5392: Options File Management – Unpermitted server details.
5385: Easy Admin==>Report==>Denials==>Table==>No Results found
5371: ALLDBUpgrade failed v3.2.0.33 from v1.8 MSSQL DB
5372: Deleting server from Server configuration tool Error “failed to update configuration”.
5335: Need fix from Mantis 5307 for OpenLM Server 3.2
5326: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
5249: CCL “freezes” (does not show changes anymore) with LMX
5333: HASP – cant parse usage of features on a 2nd HASP key
5332: HASP license output not parsed
5334: HASP session duplicated
5336: Hasp – same name, same product name, different device (additional key)
5283: ArcGIS 10.4.1 not shutting down with License Retrieval
4981: HASP – The gap between RequestTime (from output) and ExecutionTime (OpenLM) is too big
5256: Options File management not bringing in all information
5282: Deploy Option File from OpenLM server fails
5258: RLM: License Output not processed correctly
5331: HASP – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized
5255: Active Users Report not displaying all the active users
5055: After upgrade to 32017 User Export gives “Server Error”
5185: Can’t see license manager status
5158: Licenses window – does not show other policy than 0 (NONE)
5063: After updating the license file on HASP server OpenLM stopped reporting usage
5040: Idle time more that Actual usage (Firebird)
5118: Autocad release does not work when there is no info on cascading table (rachel)
5060: Options File Management should handle all keywords correctly including ones with spaces
4764: Total license count for feature ult_armcompiler incorrect in License Usage report
5047: deadlock: was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim
4812: “license_activity_column_username” required for “Feature Usage per user” – gives personal related data in License Activity Repor
4681: FlexLM adskflex: Features available in Packages and as single Features show MultiPool warning and no usage (rachel)
5136: AddFeatureToProcess request sends empty FEATURE
5172: EasyAdmin Directory structure is browsable thru HTTP security issue
4906: EasyAdmin – License Servers – “Can not remove broker” is not working
5051: License usage chart – clicking “Clear” filter freezes the application
5059: Typo in Test email account pannel
5008: License usage chart problem
4927: Agent reports free license, but there is not [thread LmSupervisorTimer] – 1 reserved licenses are available now
4963: Usage not shown for some features
5022: Alerts are still sent even though the Alerts management license has expired
5019: Uninstall stops with “Error 1001. The specific Service already exist”
5041: PHP v7.0.10 OpenLM PHP services not starting
4983: OpenLM shows wrong total license quantity
5039: EasyAdmin – License Servers empty after upgrade
5036: License Usage Report


 5001: Unlimited (-99) in usage table and heatmap

4996: Critical security vulnerabilities with PHP v5.6.15


 4953: AllDBUpgrade fails due to duplicate value
4935: EasyAdmin – License Usage – Filters not working when there is value other than [All Servers] in Features
4954: Upgrade failed MS SQL from V22 to V25: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid object name ‘SYS.INDEXES’
4871: Connection issues with EasyAdmin which could be only solved by restarting LightTPD and PHP services.
4934: Feature name field too short for most features
4903: “Average # of concurrent licenses used” shows unexpected results while considering workig hours.
4985: Denials are grouped by SeriesNo=NULL


 4736: License Usage: Strange Graphics when checking the option “Consider only Working hours” and line type smooth.
4908: EasyAdmin – License Servers – “Broker unknown” with LUM Cluster
4907: License usage chart scale – wrong proportion
4467: “Feature Usage per Group” (also per User), long Names are showing misleading Graphics
4895: License Usage – Chart – MouseOver: The Popup is showing remote from the actual location in Firefox and IE
4885: Currently Consumed Licenses: Loadin forever if column “username” is denied or disabled or not vialable as ressource
4896: Delete LDAP sync from configuration does not delete the entities and sync entities
4890: EasyAdmin – Administration – System – Enable LM Server full logging” should be in alphabetic order
4888: Easyadmin “start” bar hides under “License Usage” window when resized
3926: LDAP synchronization is incomplete.
4881: Ldap sync: Error in ldap log
4879: AllDBUpgrade fails on Customer database – missing keys and constraints.
4849: Dashboard Denied screens not able to change the number of items
4911:  LM-X Triad failing with “Server does not support IsMaster analyzing, message from none master”
– Feature Usage per User issue
– Duplicate Usage Alert issue


4842:  License output not generated: “MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Data too long for column ‘PSWD’ at row 1”
4870:  Easyadmin windows open as a blank page in IE11
4867:  IE11: clicking on links produces empty window and strange behaviour
4866:  IE: Export from License Activity Report delivers link: “undefined”
4864:  Database upgrade fails – nulls in “not null” fields
3639:  License Usage Report shows wrong results if aggregation is not selected and only working hour are shows and/or ignore weekend
4857:  MS SQL upgrade fails with ‘Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >
4862:  ADBUpgrade failed on Oracle database
4845:  Ldap sync: Failed to Unlink
4855:  License Version comparison after switch to “read license file” (efrat) – resolved
4843:  Easy Admin==>Report==>Date: Add one more filter to see the last day
4846:  Denials: Querying with no input work, But when querying for floating license no result returned
4810:  MySQL – Exception in GetLicenseTotalAvailableTime2


4092:  Denials not showing up for DSLS
4780:  Ldap sync does not sync some users
4808:  Bad parsing of log action causes analysis to fail
4788:  ERROR 2016-06-06 14:03:50,604 [thread AlertsHandlerTimer Thread] LicenseRepository GetLicenseServerStatus – Error retrieving li
4756:  Database growing 1.5 GB per day (MS SQL)
4748:  null value on FeatureVendorKey.GetHashCode()
4837:  No usage shown when “Read License file is used
4844:  Roles: When Server are set to Deny, their Denials are still showing in “Recent Feature Denials”
4614: Change the alert “firebird database over 2 Gb”
4824: Easy Admin: Management ==>Project==>project set default
4806: Material Studio show 0 used license
4823:  After upgrading to v3.2.0.23 Server Up Time status changed to UNKNOWN
4695: Alerts management – Expiration – Selecting multiple Features will not be saved
4811: Login Fails at first try
4839:  Roles: When Server are set to Deny, their Denials are still showing
0044: Feature expiration Alert – set to Vendor level
2139: Customer requested Feature Expiration alert for all servers, all vendors and all features
4825: Easy admin: Dashboard Loads very slowly or get error communication failure
4807:  Codemeter, Up time for server UNKNOWN
4754:  Greenhills: Parsing issue with expiration 1467121457
4813: Share filter: The original time not save correctly
4802:  After changing License File OpenLM does not report correctly any more
4713: License usage with enableRangeGraph performance
4814: MySQL upgrade from .22 to .23 failed: Table ‘Nadav_RESOURCES’ doesn’t exist
4746:  DSLS output dates in Korean (omri)
4794:  Roles Based Security: Ressources doubled after upgrade
4737: Issues with LicenseActivityReport after upgrade to OpenLM 3.2
4735: Filters are showing though the related server was denied in Roles
  • 2016-06-15
4656 – Codemeter Error: “Error updating ‘none’ DB with licenses” in Log.
4739 – No usage collected from broker – “From” is greater then “to” issue.
4683 – Licenses are considered obsolete once “Read Licence File” is set (with IBM Rational).
4735 – Filters are showing though the related server was denied in Roles.
4734 – Roles : “License Servers Panel – Permission to Stop/Start/Reread server LeoTest” Disable is not working.
4674 – Wrong ‘logging level’ assistance info.
4687 – Upgrade Firebird fails “FK_SHUTDOWN_REQ_LIC_IN_USE” on table “OLM_SHUTDOWN_REQUESTS”.
4712 – License usage screen does not adjust/rescale when total is unchecked.
4702 – Audit report not downloading.
4703 – When switching off license file reading, quantities are not closed.
4701 – Firebird and Oracle issue: “OLM_LICENSE_SERVERS==>MAX_FULL_LOGGIN_TYPE=Date”.
4652 – Autodesk exception “System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException” on version
4693 – AnalyzeLicenseFile – use license file request date to open and close Licenses and Procurements.
4677 – Checkout policy is not shown for components.
4692 – Recent Feature Denials do not retrieve the server name with Filter management.
4740 – LA Report fails with MySQL DB when using filters for export.
  • 2016-05-26
4597 – Wrong license server would appear when trying to procure a license.
4612 – Status light switches between red and green sporadically for “Greenhills” license manager.
4615 – “LM_LOG” log file title was added to include the license manager’s name and type.
4634 – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not able to initialize for RLM license manager.
4648 – The server is not able to create the DB schema for SQL Server.
4650 – DSLS license manager is not showing any usage.
4632 – Broker upper case server name results in an error.
4677 – Checkout policy is not shown for components.
4679 – DSLS license manager can not parse Dateformat “00/00/0000”.
4685 – Feature expiration for the current day is shown as obsolete.
4686 – License file computation opens and closes license quantities.
4452 – Password is readable in “OpenLM_Server_Logger.txt”.
4616 – Alert details disappeared after saving or refreshing.
4618 – New alert condition disappeared after saving.
4626 – A hyperlink was added to the CCL in the licenses screen.
4629 – Sessions trimming in algorithm.
4655 – Error: “System.InvalidOperationException: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithem”
4542 – MS SQL upgrade fails with “Cannot find the object “olm_reservations”.
4625 – A scroll bar shows up when the currently consumed licenses is filtered by user.
4657 – Sessions quantities shift when multiple sessions start in parallel.
4670 – Long named features are invisible.
4675 – Sharing of Feature Usage Status display is Enabled.
  • 2016-05-02
 -4608: Quantities computed and generate from license file are inserted with DateTime.UtcNow instead of the time of license file message – resolved.
– 4602:SaaS – GetServerObject request for PersistedMessage returns data from all customers – resolved.
– 4605: Exception in validate levels – System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and le – resolved.
– 4598:Add thread Id to log lines of “usage” and “other” threads – resolved.
– 4576: ArcGIS features not showing up in currently consumed licenses window – resolved.
– 4540: No feature-denials shown for IBM Rational in EasyAdmin – resolved.
-4594: EasyAdmin – Administration – Projects – Support Environment Variable: Project is not counted when no default is set for User – resolved.
– 4595: Reading license file – ComputeTotalQuantities for components – resolved.
-4590: SAAS – loggers should have customer_name in logger file name – resolved.
– 4588: sample rate – enable only when server side sampling – resolved.
– 4585: SlickEdit – add support to license version – resolved.
– 4584: SlickEdit – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized – resolved.
– 4583: CodeMeter – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized – resolved.
– 4565: Agent report to Openlm server that not configure to talk with (prakash) – resolved.
– 4580: RMS – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized (efrat) – resolved.
– 4539: Deadlock when updating server status (omri) – resolved.
– 4579: HASP – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized (efrat) – resolved.
– 4578: LMX – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized (efrat) – resolved.
– 4563: DSLS – ILicenseInUse.LicenseVersion is not initialized (efrat) – resolved.
– 4574: Add a 5 second delay to login – resolved.
– 4542: MS SQL upgrade fails with “Cannot find the object “olm_reservations” because it does not exist…..”- resolved.
– 4557: [OLM_VERSION].[LAST_UPDATED] field is not updated on upgrade – resolved.
– 4546: Show/Hide Features, show license servers that the access to has been removed by a Roles – resolved.
– 4549: Matlab duplication with denial -101 – (All licenses are reserved for others. (-101,396:10054 “”)) – resolved.
– 4554: Plugin – Support DenialType – AllLicensesAreReservedForOther – resolved.
– 4537:DSLS: Error = “ConvertTimeTo_UTC – Can’t convert String: 6/04/16 8:12:26 to DateTime” – resolved.
– 4521: Can’t sort report window according to Asset info. – resolved.
– 4513: Error matching reservation RESERVATION for GROUP Mechanical_CFD – resolved.
– 4532: reservations fail to parse – resolved.
– 4530: Flex license file parsing error when PACKAGE has no version but INCREMENT does – resolved.
– 4523: Server tries to add the same User twice with MySQL – resolved.
– 4519: Exception – Test Name: TestEndBeforeStart Test FullName: test failed when sessionEnd < sessionStart – resolved.
– 4515: Filter sharing doesn’t work in Mozilla Firefox – resolved.
– 4512: Filter Share doesn’t work in License Utilization – resolved.
– 4511: OpenLM Generic- does not read feature list correctly – resolved.
– 4509: OpenLM Generic- Does not read LicenseType correctly – resolved.
– 4496: Add username to EnableDisableUsers request – resolved.
– 4529: Reservations won’t parse when space in group name – resolved.
  • 2016-04-12
 1. [4497]: Upgrade MySQL fails.
  • 2016-04-07
 First official release of OpenLM Server version 3.2  Major version.
  • 2016-03-28
1. [4191]: DSLS Data not showing
2. [4395]: Dashboard not displaying information for top 10 used features and Top 10 Users of Most used features.
3. [4396]:Export of license Usage Table showing excessive usage which is not reflected in the License usage report.
  • 2016-03-16
1. OpenLM Server causes excessive CPU usage.
2. OpenLM reporting excessive license usage for IBM-LUM, Brokernot installed.
3. Inconsistent OpenLM Router behaviour.
4. Option FIle management can’t save Policy for Report log.
5. License Utilization according to working hours.
6. “Recent feature Denials” exist, but are not presented
7. License Usage window stalls when selecting a Feature and then a Server.
8. Enable a 24h time format.
9. Discrepancies in asset-info specific license quantities between CCL / FUS windows and license / license procurement windows.
10. Package components are not shown when obsolete even if “include obsolete” is checked.
11. CleanUp utility does not delete unneeded user entries.
  • 2016-02-25
Bug fixes:

1. Excessive usage reported with DSLS
2. MatLab missing uptime information with broker on RHEL 6.6
3. DSLS license data not showing
4. Guest user can not log in with MySQL DB, after upgrading from an earlier previous version.
5. Agent users can’t select an active project that they themselves have created.
New feature in EasyAdmin:
Hovering over the server version on the EasyAdmin desktop shows the database details.
  • 2016-02-17
1. Firebird upgrade failed – various issues.
2. AllDBUpgrade fails after installing OpenLM on a “clean” machine.
3. Flexlm license usage parsing fails;
3a. Missing part in usage line.
3b. Corrupted feature line.
  • 2016-02-09

  1. Restart failing after adding a license server in the OpenLM Server Configuration tool.
  2. Can not remove a user from a project list in EasyAdmin.
  3. EasyAdmin “Active users report” – fixed link to “License Activity” report.
  4. MySql upgrade fails with an “Access denied” message.
  5. Firebird DB upgrade to version 3.2 Failed.
  6. Upgrade of MySQL DB from to fails
  • 2016-01-25

  1.  When .NET installation is missing, the OpenLM Server’s installation pops up .NET 4.5 instead of 4.6.1
  2. AllDBUpgrade failed upgrading version to on Oracle Database
  3. Error in MySQL –> script prohibits ended sessions from moving to historical report tables.
  4. MySQL DB Upgrade failed when upgrading from v3.0.0.28 to v3.1.0.28
  5. SPLM license manager not showing usage
  6. Restricting Access to License Server through user roles is not working
  • 2016-01-12
  1. ALLDBupgrade fails on new installation of MySQL
  2. Error in MySQL –> script causes sessions to persistently remain in CCL window
  3. ALLDBUpgrade failed when upgrading from v3.0.0.28 to v3.1.0.28 MySQL
  4. Start->Widgets->Selected Feature Statistics entry. Fixed Elongated Display of ‘Features’
  5. License Utilization Filter. First selection Server Name + Vendor Name + License Type fails.
  6. Roles: Restricting Access to License Server works for Users but not for Groups.
  7. User Setting after fresh OpenLM installation.: Limit ‘Number of records per page’.
  8. License Usage report cannot change color when “Display as separate chart” is unchecked
  • 2016-01-05
  1. ALLDBUpgrade failed when installing v3.1.0.25 new install.
  2. OpenLM reports 2 ArcGIS viewer licenses, although only checked out.
  3. Start->Widgets->License Server…Redundant CheckBox under Search Menu.
  4. License Utilization window: Can not Query same feature for different Servers.
  5. ALLDBUpgrade failed when installing v3.1.0.25.
  6. Start–> “Users & Groups” –> Workstations: Agent version filter lacks the 3 and 3.1 options.
  • 2015-12-31
  1. License Activity Filter malfunction
  2. License output save – add ‘Save as Type’ options.
  3. MySQL database upgrade from to fails
  4. Oracle database upgrade from to fails
  5. ALLDBUpgrade failed for FireBird and MySQL when installing v3.1.0.25 .
  6. LMX – Exception in status analyzing.
  7. License usage not presented in EasyAdmin for features of specific packages, when the feature version is different than the package version.
  8. Options files appear and disappear sporadically on the Administration –> Options files window and Start –> options file management window
  9. Node-locked licenses show up as “unlimited”.
  10. Settings of Nested Tables in EasyAdmin windows are not kept
  11. When using German language settings, logging in requires 2 iterations.
  12. The “Add feature” drop-down menu is empty in the “Process Features” window
  • Additional feature: Solidworks has recently changed their licensing method, and thus disabled the option to suspend idle licenses. A new OpenLM extension supports Solidworks idle license retrieval through the “Save and Close” mechanism. This capability requires the installation of OpenLM Agent
 Added Solidworks license retrieval capability.
  • 2015-12-7
1. Script error causes upgrade crash.
2. License Procurement window issues.
3. AllDBUpgrade failed upgrading v2.0.0.18 to Oracle DB.
4. OpenLM Server could not start following ‘Apply’ and “Restart now” when configured to remotely query LME.
5. Ability to clear cleanup processes.
6. Heatmap png exports the same file regardless of feature selection.
7. Export png HeatMap cuts off times on a hourly aggregate
  • 2015-11-15
  • New functionality:Version incorporates some enhancements to the database structure. These enhancements will improve the OpenLM systems’ performance, and will consume additional memory. The enhancements will apply to all database types.
  • Bug fixes:
  1. Clicking a Feature’s “License usage” chart pops up the “License Activity” table for all servers and all vendors.
  2. Opening the “License Activity” window by clicking the “License Usage” chart produces an empty window display when the “Display separate Chart….” check box is clear.
  3. License Activity window: Selecting Server and Vendor has no effect on the presented features.
  4. License Activity report window is not working with large amounts of data.
  5. License Usage Report: columns stay empty in column view.
  6. License over-usage reported.
  7. Cleanup and deletion of groups fails.
  8. Group can not be deleted because denials are recorded in it.
  9. Options file not updating correctly on customer site. Not adding feature name.
  10. Users are unaware of DB upgrade failure.
  11. PHP version 5.5.4 out of date – Security Vulnerabilities.
  12. “Previous Month” added to license usage selection filter, under ‘Date’.
  13. Alert: “Error in License Output analyzing”.
  14. DSLS: License usage is not assigned correctly to Features and Versions.
  15. MySQL upgrade fails with “Timeout” message.
  16. Added the ‘Unassigned’ groups to denote default license usage attribution.
  17. EasyAdmin License Server screen will not display the Server Timezone
  18. EasyAdmin hung-up from time to time and need to be refreshed.
Before proceeding with the upgrade process, please:

  • Stop the OpenLM Server service and create a backup of your database, and
  • Make sure that additional memory space equal to the current database size is available.
  • 2015-10-20
  1. Database upgrade issue
  2. OpenLM ‘Advanced’ logging does not stick.
  3. Easy Admin not loading on IE10.
  4. LDAP Synchronization screen sync status not updating.
  5. Can’t read IBM Rational license file.
  • 2015-10-20
  1. Expiration date should show ‘Permanent’
  2. Adding additional fields to the router instructions table
  3. Firebird password has no effect on connection to DB.
  4. LDAP synchronization is not working on customer’s site.
  5. Error “communication failure” when running big queries.
  6. Trailing spaces in user name from license output caused license overusage reporting
  7. Can’t set parent package in Product/Package window.
  8. EasyAdmin – Alert Rules – License Expiration is not sent.
  9. SQL Server: creating new OpenLM DB with AllDBupgrade fails.
  10. Clicking the license usage chart brings up the wrong filter in license activity window.
  11. License Activity – Group By, Token Usage showing different number than General Usage.
  12. Roles Bases Security: CCL Resources for “Idle time” do not work properly.
  13. OpenLM Server service – enhanced stability
  14.  Support for multiple target hosts in the OpenLM Router instruction UI
  • 2015-10-07
  1. License Usage table – Only the current page is sorted, not the entire data.
  2. Parse french locale
  3. License procurement query failed
  4. License usage chart: Determine which groups consume most licenses over time.
  5. Borrowed Licenses not showing in “Feature Usage Status”
  6. Workstations window filter enhanced
  7. License usage window – License type filter stuck.
  8. Add filter to the alerts window.
  9. Exported png of licenses usage chart not showing correct texture for avg and min graphs.
  10. License Server window is empty upon first loading.
  11. Exported image has transparent background.
  12. License Usage Report: Time Format in Chart should be the same as selected.
  13. EPDM date format parsing failed.
  14. Licenses window – TLSTOK – Components show usage and Parent package does not.
  15. Roles Based Security, Ressources Search: refresh after entering characters clears search field.
  16. In License Screen, Feature’s usage hyperlink is inactive.
  • 2015-09-27
  1. RMS – shared token is not read correctly.
  2. CSV Export is not handling special characters correctly.
  3. Filter Management – Once a filter is saved it can not be modified.
  4. Active users table – Sort by “Start Time” produces an empty screen.
  5. Adding role details – Add selection is not working.
  6. Email “Feature Expiration Date” Alerts hard to read.
  7. EasyAdmin Dashboard: “Concurrent longest Sessions”: clicking on a column opens CCL windows with no filter set.
  8. License procurement window – Undefined instead of empty.
  9. MySqlException (0x80004005): Unknown column.
  10. Changing Product name on Product/Packages window produces error.
  11. Erroneous red LED indication on EasyAdmin “license servers” window.
  12. License Usage table sorting only applies to the current page, not to the entire data.

  • 2015-09-01
  1. SQL Server upgrade failed
  2. MySQL upgrade failed
  • 2015-08-27
  1. New historic sessions added from log completion should use completionStartTimeUtc as OutputExecutionTimeUtc
  2. Agent procedure – all step type should use script tag
  3. Active Users Report: Add link to License Activity showing Usage of: User – Date – Features
  4. Router monitor – text and hints
  5. Router Groups – on click refresh there is a redundant call to GetRouterGroups
  6. Configuration form Advanced – log config text box exceeds screen limits
  7. Configuration form has no Icon
  8. Dashboard: “Concurrent longest Sessions”: clicking on a column opens CCL windows with no filter set …
  9. AllDBUpgrade failed upgrading v3.0.0.29 to v3.1.0.14, SQL server 2008 R2
  10. White currently consumed licenses window console error
  11. Empty window – clicked on license server | Quantitiy
  12. Console Error – Edit Agent Procedure
  13. Router – remove historic statistics information.
  14. Agent template suspending or closing – no pop ups or indication in Agent “Recently closed documents”
  15. Agent Procedure Editor- – call MonitoredProcessGetNames is not required
  16. Agent Procedure Editor- – remove AgentRelease option from Action Type drop down
  17. Manually create group –> Group is only created beneath a selected node.
  • 2015-08-23
  1. Agent Procedure Monitor – when resizing the screen, resize also grid
  2. Console error
  3. Server error message when deleting Agent procedure.
  4. License Activity export – Token Usage time is missing
  5. Options file editing – after adding group, can’t see group name in grid
  6. Missing columns in released licenses export
  7. Product name missing from feature usage status export
  8. Not all instructions show in router monitor
  9. Router Monitor – wrong ports reported for router
  10. RouterKeepAliveMessage LocalTimeUtc is not in use
  11. Can’t export project usage table content to CSV.
  12. Missing columns from easy admin client and export in denials
  • 2015-08-23

1. Missing and erroneous name column in licenses usage table export.

2. Failed to add unmanaged vandor to unmanaged processes.

3. License Usage table – Level column is always 0

4. User group column sorting is making all denials disappear

5. Add Procedure name column to EasyAdmin ‘Process/Features’ window

6. Can’t switch context to Agent template help windows unless closing the ‘Agent Procedure Editor’ window.

  1. DB Upgrade failed v1.8.1.25 to
  2. DBUpgrade failing for MSSQL v2.0.0.56
  3. License usage window export for non-aggregated charts generates an empty file
  1. When clicking enable full logging the form should close.
  2. Openlm license export not working.
  3. Agent procedure select dialog sometimes opens without the select button.
  4. Agent Procedure – Edit process Feature – Select procedure window is not opening in selection mode .
  5. Setting threshold defaults for unmanaged licenses is not showing decimals after reopening.
  6. Threshold values for unmanaged processes are not saved .
  7. Currently Consumed Licenses: Handle column shows ‘,’ when more than 3 digits .
  8. Edit procedure – multiple clicks on “script info” help opens multiple info windows.
  9. Error message when changing settings in unmanaged – edit process.
  10. Dashboard – Link to “Denials” presents empty screen.
  11. Dashboard – top 10 idle sessions – click on column (bar) open license activity without filter .
  12. Dashboard – Link to “License Activity” is not updated when selecting a new feature (in “most used features”) .
  13. License Activity → Group By – Token usage not downloaded to CSV.
  14. Alerts edit condition screen not resizable .
  15. Remove “Export” button from IPs window .
  16. Error when trying to save router instructions .
  17. Missing columns from easy admin client and export in licenses activity .
  18. “Licenses not in use” window → license type column sorting is causes all licenses to disappear.
  19. User Settings are not retrievable when “Load settings from existing user” is selected .
  20. Upgrade to 3.1.04 fails on Firebird database with error: “Column unknown – GROUP_ID”.
  21. Add CDATA to AgentScript step .
  22. LUM Denials not read by EasyAdmin.
  23. UI changes for Agent Procedures .
  24. Abaqus: Licenses and Usage not counted properly when License file is configured to be read.
  25. After session expires, login form shows but username is missing .
  26. Agent Procedure – procedure name is not unique.
  27. Red ‘LED’ indication for claiming “no license output was received”.
  28. Agent Procedure does not continue to second step .
  • 2015-07-01
  1. Currently Consumed Licenses – License Type is not working .
  2. Feature Usage Status: Mathematica Feature can not be added .
  3. License Activity – Token usage not downloaded to CSV.
  4. DSLS Overusage reported.
  5. DSLS License usage is not assigned correctly to the Versions and Servers .
  6. Logs Uploader fixes.
  7. Set ArcGIS level does not show available licenses.
  8. Agent not connecting to OpenLM Server .

  • –

  1. IBM Rational licensing not showing currently consumed licenses .
  2. Alert email messages show UTC time.
  3. OpenLM Configuration Tool – Ports – Router Service Port: Information missing .
  4. Group column not exported to csv from CCL window .
  5. License Synchronization screen not showing Latest Sync date and next sync date .
  6. Can’t import entities (user name or group) into Options file management .
  7. Difference in report between License activity window (Group by Projects) and Project usage window.
  8. Link color on license servers window should be blue .
  9. Wrong alert (“Clocks are not synchronized, check timezone configuration for license server”)
  10. Default project is not set correctly (to the user session) in “currently consumed licenses window.
  11. Default group is not set correctly in “currently consumed licenses” window.
  12. Stop server side sampling when openlm server gets information from the broker.
  13. Could not configure agent procedure template .
  14. “Selected Feature Statistics” features with more than one version appear several times in the list w/o feature .
  15. Multiple entries in ‘Add features to process’ .
  16. DSLS licenses are not reported correctly .
  17. EasyAdmin horizontal Scroll missing underneath features.
  18. lmutil default path is wrong after upgrading to 3.1.
  19. License Usage Report – Heatmap – “Select Feature” is missing .
  20. License Usage chart values start from 29 (instead of 0)
  21. ‘OTHER’ LogReaderType is missing in parsing logReader messages .
  22. License usage – time filter validation .
  23. License server window maximize – only outer grid maximize .
  24. Can’t add unmanaged process .
  25. MySQL upgrade fails on Case sensitive Server at OpenLM_MySQL_2.0.0.44_2.0.0.46_Upgrade .

  1. Disable “auto refresh” per default for reports
  2. Server is not collecting any usage
  3. Licenses window – can’t clear server filter
  4. Licenses usage window – typing feature filter and selecting feature not working
  5. Licenses usage chart – day resolution is scribbled
  6. Licenses usage – changing color for feature changes partially
  7. Can’t receive alerts on emails – configuration not saved
  8. Add group information to the denials
  9. Denials – group by hour gives wrong results
  10. Add groups to denials filter
  11. Update “OpenLM License” window in Administration
  12. Mark denials that were not yet post processed as such
  • 2015-07-06
  1. Newly added license features are not recognized when implementing License File.
  2. Duplicate sessions with differentwrong feature pool.
  3. RLM – report tokens.
  4. DSLS: Feature-Version is not interpreted correctly.
  5. DSLS license output does not handle procurements correctly.
  6. License Usage Report: Cannot combine same feature from different servers in one report.
  7. ‘Unmanaged’ licenses reported as floating.
  8. Database Configuration – set port works, but this is not presented in “Upgrade from previous version”.
  9. Large quantities cause exceptions in MS SQL Server.
  • 2015-07-06

Options file – getting relevant pools for user fails because of Case Sensitive of user names.

  • 2015-07-06
  1. Reading an Options File that is already in DB fails when there are groups attached
  2. Failed to add denial if user does not exists
  3. logActions GetByUsage – case insensitive for username
  4. Option file issue
  • 2015-07-01

Support Options file syntax: asset_info enclosed in parenthesis (“ “)

  • 2015-06-30
  1. Reading a license file which includes many old features may result in an exception
  2. Codemeter usage report incorrect
  3. License Activity – no results are shown when using permissions and server is not selected in filter
  4. Remove unnecessary notification: “License is subject for resolving for unmanaged processes”
  5. Can’t change default port to connect to MySQL
  • 2015-06-16

1. Upgrade timeout on

2. MySQL upgrade fails with “Timeout” message.

3. Broker ‘Unknown’ when using FQDN in DNS

4. Short sessions are not reported.

5. Can’t configuring the license manager as FQDN or IP

6. Groups users receive “Everyone” as default Group when added through Options file

  • 2015-06-16

OpenLM_Firebird_3.0.0.27_3.0.0.28_Upgrade fails

“key size exceeds implementation restriction for index “IDX_OLM_PERSISTED_”

  • 2015-06-07

1. dbo.olm_persisted.message contains 120000 lines

2. EasyAdmin – Administration – Options Files -Update Time only works after restarting OpenLM Server


1. Currently Consumed Licenses – Products is not working correctly

2. Chart is stuck in Project Usage window (happens in IE only)

3. EasyAdmin ‘Start’ sub menus are inaccessible in Chrome

1. Management – Audit Report – Date is not complete (Month is missing).

2. Unmanaged text appears below text box

3. Report license denials for FlexLM IBM Rational licenses.

4. Upgrade is not handled well when more than one version is set in the Database.

5. SQL Server: Customer Database not upgrading (“Database Version not found”).

6. Router – Adding a group can not be undone.

7. Router – after importing, OpenLM license verification is required.

8. Router – router should be enabled by default.

9. Router – Activity Log Interval -read only.

10. Administration – Alert Rules – Destinations can’t be added.

11. Administration – Unmanaged Processes – Nothing can be added.


1. OpenLM_MySQL_3.0.0.19_3.0.0.21_Upgrade.sql failed.

2. Suspend & Resume mechanism failed

3. License Activity, “Total Usage Time – w/in filter period” not working


1. Denials report – Group by with filter by user name with capital letters does not work

2. MS SQL upgrade failure

#2 Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘UNQ_ACL_ROLES_NAME’.


1. Failed to upgrade to

2. MySQL upgrade from V19 to V22: Error in SQL syntax.


1. Feature Usage Status screen not refreshing.


1. CCL window showing N/A for idle time

2. ALLDBUPGrade FireBird DB failed

3. MySQL: Uprgrade from failed

4. EasyAdmin “License Activity” – “Group By” for  feature or users failed

2.  An exception was thrown when executing command: CREATE TABLE OLM_PROJECT_TO_SESSION_RE


3. “Table ‘username.alc_users_to_roles’ doesn’t exist”


Options file Management: diverse issues


1. Server crash when using the active user report

2. Workstation column not showing for openlm_users_role

3. Overcounting DSLS licenses


1.  MS-SQL upgrade to Server fails

2. German translation incomplete

3. Expiration Alert should always show server.

4. MS-SQL upgrading failed ( to

5. Creation of MySQL DB on LINUX fails

6. ALLDBUpgrade fails with MySQL database error

1. Error: ‘OLM_GROUPS.IDX_OLM_GROUPS_NAME’ does not exist

6. Error:  MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Cannot drop index ‘IDX_USED_LIC


1. Support LS-DYNA (LSTC) license server

2. Server Service Stops unexpectedly

3. EasyAdmin Dasboard causes OpenLM to crash

4. Agent not connecting.

5. Change Agent message handling

6. Matching usage completion (out & in) from debug log according to vendor policy

7. Denial messages “Licensed number of users already reached.” are not stored in the DB

8. Parallel sessions sometimes not logged properly

9. Could not import debug log file.

10. Report multiple projects on the same workstation

11. License Usage Report: Aggregate usage is not stored in Filter

12. Upgrade failed : –>

13. Oracle database not upgrading from v1.8 to v2 or V3

14. EasyAdmin – License Activity – Date Range

15. Procurements window – issuing date & expiration date – don’t show hour

16. Feature Usage Status does not work with IE9

4. “…Message was rejected by OpenLM Server” , “Connection pool is full”

14. Setting a month/year through “Choose a month” does not work

  • 2015-04-07

1. Data migration tool for version 3.0

2. Added a note regarding Oracle requirements on the configuration form

3. Alert the user regarding clocks syncing

4. Idle time not reported on Dashboard

5. Denials report not working when grouping by day


1. Generic Script not running on customer’s DB

2. License usage chart – initial value incorrect.

3. Unmanaged Process Add button greyed out

4. Logs Uploader: Upload customer files to MySQL

5. Feature Usage Status issue

6. Minor improvement in host availability presentation

5. F.U.S window does not show feature when some servers names are selected

  • 2015-03-18

1. Mechanism to notify the customer of cache clearing.

2. “Number of licenses” column in “Currently consumed licenses” window is confusing.

3. IPs window: Check IP validity, and add info icon to demonstrate valid IP patterns

  • 2015-03-18

1. IBM LUM cluster terminology change

2. Error in crontab 

3. Can’t write data in field other language when adding a new host group

4. Adding a process in “process features” does not refresh the processes list

  • 2015-03-18

1. Package membership lost in upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0

2. Product names not showing in report windows when using license files.

3. EasyAdmin – Administration – Process Features: After changing settings new setup is not refreshed

4. Error message when trying to remove a license from CCL window

5. EasyAdmin – Administration – Unmanaged Processes: “Add Vendor” is grayed out

6. License level line should not be shown for future time

  • 2015-03-05

1. Idle time longer than actual session.

2. DSLS license usage not presented

Changes implemented in

  • 2015-03-05

1. Denials Report shows data only after clicking twice on “Apply”

2. Final value in projects grid is 00:00 instead of 23:59

3. Report Session Groups for Unmanaged License

Changes implemented in

  • 2015-03-05

1. License usage window zoom not working

2. Can’t save Vendor Policy

3. Options File Management: can only associate users to feature Users

4. LMX – support output format of client util 3.32

5. CodeMeter – AnalyzeStatus

6. Failed to delete host 

7. All license numbers except for Average (max, min, total,) need to be presented as integers.

8. Wrong count on Heatmap

9. Fixed error message.

Changes implemented in

  • 2015-02-25

1. Email Alerts do not work

2. Wrong legend for license usage when not charting all features separately.

3. Fetch license server files functionality

4. licenses window – procurement “view” : does not send the additional_key

5. License Usage filter -When loading filter , the feature additional_key is not loaded or saved



1. OpenLM Server Upgrade fails.

2. OpenLM Server Upgrade fails.

3. OpenLM Server Upgrade fails.

4. Support migration to MySQL on Linux/Unix (case sensitive)

5. Support Slickedit license manager

6. LMX license not reporting usage from Altair

7. Same product feature can not be shown in Feature Usage Status from 2 different servers

1. : IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.foreign_keys WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[FK_ACL_ENT_TO_RESOU_PARENT_ID]’)

2. Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo

3.MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Duplicate key name ‘FK_ACL_ENT_TO_RES_PAR_ID’


1. Options File not deleted

2. Reservation [m]for Package needs to save only package feature


1. License overusage

2. Chart y-axis marks need to be integer.


1. Wrong column title in license usage table

2. Add ‘division’ attribute in LDAP

3. EasyAdmin: user cannot change their pwd


1. Server Error when running “Update FeaturesPackages”

2. Server Configuration is not saved correctly

3. Group Reporting: provide % in Chart and Table


1. Restart of OpenLM Server through configuration tool times out

2. Alerts not working when license type is null

3. Duplicate alerts not working


1. login with permissions of a role duplicate produces blank screen

2. Codemeter: License Usage above Total


Version failing upgrade to


1. “Upgrade from older versions” tool not functional.

2. Group not apparent in user’s membership, following LDAP sync.

3. Oracle: Failed running query.

4. Oracle: Failed running query.

3. “GROUPBYFIELD” invalid identifier ” When running “GetLicenseActivityByGroup” UI request

4. “SQL Command not properly ended ” when running “GetLicenseActivityByGroup” and GetUserUsage2″ UI request


1. Updating features description fails

2. License usage change color interface issues

3. File fetching import not working

4. Deleting Options File fails


Interface issues in chart options block[n]


1.  License usage chart aggregate series issue

2.  License usage wrong color in legend


1. Read DSLS log file

2. Provide DSLS denials’ report

3. EasyAdmin – License Servers – Brokers displayed duplicated

3. Show horizontal and vertical scroll bars regardless of window size

4. DSLS: report license grant, rather than session information


1. DataMigration tool timed out

2. Move setting “enable flexlm option file management” from server config

3. License Activity Report: negative values in usage time

4. License Usage – make the thick line ‘stick’ after selecting from the legend.

5. License Usage Legend – Add info balloon

6. active/idle chart incorrect




OpenLM Broker version release log

The following table presents a log of enhancements and fixes that have been made in OpenLM Broker version 3 releases. For information about the OpenLM Broker, installation guides and the version release policy, please refer to this document. Please also consult the System requirements document prior to installing.



Release date

Change description


Critical / Optional update



  1. 5520:Can’t see remove license command for FLEXlm and LSDyna
  2. 5496:More issues found deploying 3.3 on Linux
  3. 5492:Broker v3.3.2.4 & v3.3.3.1 giving java error on starting of the configuration tool in Linux
  4. 5488:License Upload doesn’t rely on the “allow license sorting” flag


New Version Release


  1. 5150: Broker version not working on AIX
  2. 4894: Update lmxendutil, lmutil on Broker installation to latest version


 5111: Change Broker behavior for LUM port status command


  1. 4914: Broker v3.2.0.13 shutting down


  1.  4723: Broker:Buffer files are not deleted when using clean buffer button
  2. 4744: Broker down and not responding in EasyAdmin, however it seems to fully function
  3. 4722: [Broker Server] String index out of range: -1
  4. 4698: Clear Buffer warning on initial setup
  5. 4790: Broker :Recorder/Player- Error message in server log


  1. 4790: Broker :Recorder/Player- Error message in server log
  2. 4723: Broker:Buffer files are not deleted when using clean buffer button
  3. 4744: Broker down and not responding in EasyAdmin, however it seems to fully function
  4. 4722: String index out of range: -1
  5. 4698: Clear Buffer warning on initial setup
  6. 4800: Broker installation: Unable to upgrade version 2016-06-19
  1. 4743: Several issues caused by DSLS handling.
  2. 4668: Broker message factory error in DSLS
  3. 4699: Broker appears fully functional but is down and not responding. 2016-05-26
  1. 4668: Unknown broker message type on DSLS: Filtering of special ASCII characters was expanded to prevent XML failures on Server.
  2. 4672: One port updated all ports
  3. 4038: No license set results in the message “license file is empty for server: port:. please configure” 2016-04-25
  1. 4474: Data of license usage disappear after stop openlm server for 10 minutes
  2. 4431: License file behaveior
  3. 1437: updating the mlm.opt file via easy admin and writing to a Linux broker fails
  4. 4374: When changing receiver’s port, redirect buffer files to new port
  5. 3889: Skip corrupted buffer files
  6. 4492: “OpenLM server return ERROR” – in broker logs
  7. 4308: LUM HAL command configuration not correct 2015-11-22
  1. License sorting added ‘sort=’ attribute in the wrong place.
  2. Support of SEH UTN as a license manager
  3. Various Broker startup issues


  1. Manual sorting of FlexLM license file
  2. Flexlm Sorting – sort order should consider version
  3. Cant write to options file: access denied because java holds on to it.
  4. Installer – add unpack java batch for the broker zip package.
  5. Add “Clean buffer” button for OpenLM Servers.
  6. Buffering – limit the total bufferqueue size.
  7. “Run as administrator” fixed for win10.


  1. support broker silent installation and automatic upgrade while saving all settings including Java path
  2. Broker installation through command line

  1. Detection from registry does not work with JRE 32 on 64bit machine
  2. JRE version does not match OS version


  1. Debug log read, but file reported as not found.
  2. Confusing prompt line fixed.
  3. Added a ‘show’ button that presents file contents


OpenLM Broker Log Mark shows future date.

Critical fix:

Bug was introduced in version causing debug log reading reported future timing


  1. Handle PortStatus messages with machine name that does not match the host synonyms
  2. Add server_local_time to all Broker messages.
  3. Broker configuration shortcut does not work due to new java installation procedure.
  4. Buffering – compress messages to buffer.


Unable to start Broker.”Application aborted…” notification



1. Broker update does not recognize existing installation path

2. Cancelled option to define multiple license servers on the OpenLM Broker configuration tool.

3. Added server_info node for host synonyms



1. Fixed OpenLM Broker → OpenLM Server messaging issue

2. Log reading issue

Version contains a serious bug.

Fixed on version


1. License server log file reader – date marker issue

2. License server log file reader – midnight issue

3. lmswitch related failures

4. License server log file reader historic reading 10 sec delay issue



1. License server log file reader – repetitive reading issue

2. License server log file reader – Checksum issue


Requires OpenLM Server


1. Error in search for license files



1. Error message on Linux Broker startup

2. OpenLM Broker ( for UNIX/LINUX configuration on AIX 7.1 does not work

3. Error message when trying to remove a license from CCL window

4. Support lmswitch of debug logs

5. LUM commands: only first one is executed

6. Codemeter: When setting codemeter it puts cmu.exe into the command prompt. I should be cmu32.exe

7. Can’t find license file : License file path was erroneously split to two parts

8. Denial command description in Broker configuration tool is taken from previous command



Setting the log file for DSLS



1. Add the ‘Sort’ in INCREMENT lines

2. User needs to agree to the EULA before installing the broker

3. Enable editing the path in the path field – not only by directory browsing

4. SAAS connectivity issues.


1. REREAD_PATTERN – look for “Done rereading” instead of “Rereading license file”

2. Report DSLS Denials




OpenLM Agent version release log

The following table presents a log of enhancements and fixes that have been made in OpenLM Agent version 3 releases. For general information about the OpenLM Agent, please refer to these Application notes:

For installation guides please consult these documents:

Please also consult the System requirements document prior to installing.


Release date

Change description


Critical / Optional update

  • Jan 17, 2017
5257:Path set in “Administration – Active Agent – Folder to save
  • Dec 19, 2016
5121:Resume not working with Petrel
5306:OpenLM Agent not starting after Boot
4747:Schlumberger Petrel not resuming when selected
5257:Path set in “Administration – Active Agent – Folder to save Projects” is not used with Extension
5242:Check interception of multi – process applications interception
5229:Remove Generate code button from Product Editor form
  • Nov 16, 2016
5196:OpenLM Agent should be called openlm_agent_win_3.3.18.2.msi not openlm_3.3.18.2_agent_win.msi
5177:Add support of installation of ArcGIS extension for ArcGIS 10.5
5201:Agent v3.3.18.2 not recognizing Solidworks extension
5178:Check interception of Bentley FlowMaster application
5180:Check agent behavior with not accessable License Manager
5029:Silent Installation of the OpenLM Agent not acceptable
  • Oct 27, 2016
5196: OpenLM Agent should be called openlm_agent_win_3.3.18.2.msi not openlm_3.3.18.2_agent_win.msi
5121: Resume not working with Petrel
4945: Agent v3.3 not shutting down ArcGIS v10.4.1 with license retrieval
5176: Version about window shows version
5179: Add documentation of usage of Build script for Agent
5171: We need shorthands for agent silent install that can remove the new Options
5160: When Agent starts, it sends GetDenialsChart request to OpenLM Server
  • Aug 29, 2016
  1. Support of the “Proactive License Management” capability;
    • Requires the installation of the “Proactive License Manager” component on the network, and
    • Employs an additional service on the end user’s workstation: the “OpenLM Software Locker”  service.
  2. ArcGIS PRO dedicated extension, enabling “Save and Close” of idle ArcGIS PRO sessions
  3. Support of idle license retrieval for ArcGIS 10.4.1
  4. Updated Agent strings to support multiple languages
  5. Fixed ArcGIS 10.4 related registration issue and installer issues
  6. Fixed path to sign utility for esri reg asm custom action of installer
  7. Fixed framework issues for Agent utilities (Configuration, Logs folder, and Console)
  8. Changed logging policy on Agent and OpenLM Server sides
First release of 3.3 Major version.
  • Jul 07, 2016
 4791: Agent crashed after Updating to version 3.2.x by Usage in Windows-Terminal-Server
  • Apr 18, 2016
 Non-English language issue
  • Feb 21, 2016
 OpenLM Server – OpenLM Agent communication issue
  • Feb 17, 2016
 Digital Signature issue
  • 2016-09-02
 OpenLM Solidworks Extension related fixes:

  1. Extension not restricted to version 14
  2. Extension active upon application launch.
  • 2015-31-12
  1. Sessions are suspended, but can’t be resumed when applying OpenLM login credentials.
  2. Support for Solidworks “Save and Close”
 Introducing the OpenLM extension for Solidworks
  • 2015-11-15
  1.  License server name is not presented in the “Set ArcGIS License Level” window following an ArcGIS is upgrade
  2. The “Set ArcGIS level” window will not open
  • 2015-08-20
  1.  Suspended ArcGIS application is not resumed by clicking the ‘Resume’ pop-up
  2. Idle Autocad application will not close when the option “Overwrite existing project” is cleared
  • 2015-07-22
  1.  Agent Procedure is not working when roles and permissions are are applied
  2. Added Agent procedure message to the Agent Console
  3. Changed German text pop-up for ArcMap