How to set up the Personal Dashboard authentication

Note: this feature is available in v22.4 and above, together with OpenLM SLM and Identity Service v22.4

By enabling user authentication, all Personal Dashboard users will be able to log into the system using one of the supported providers (like OKTA, Windows Authentication, AzureAD, etc.) or by using the credentials created in OpenLM Identity Service.

Creating authorization file for the End-User Sevices:

  1. Open up the EasyAdminAdministrationSystem&SecuritySecurityAuthorization. Click ADD.
  2. From the Type dropdown list, select End-User Services.
  3. Type in a description in the Description field.
  4. Provide the End-User Services URL in the following format: protocol://hostname:port.
  5. Click Save.
  6. A pop-up window will appear, notifying that the secret key will only be displayed once. Click OK. (Check the Don’t show this message again if needed).
  7. Once the Secret Key is displayed, click the Download button.
  8. Go to C:Program FilesOpenLMEnd-User Services and replace the existing JSON Authorization file with the newly created one.
  9. Restart the End-User Services Service.
  10. Go to EasyAdminAdministration Roles. Double-click the admin_role row → Users Add then Select a username (s).
  11. Go back to the Personal Dashboard and refresh the page. A new tab will appear –  Settings. 
  12. Check the Enable user authentication box then click Save.  A pop-up window will appear, notifying that the service restart is required. Click OK to close it then restart the End-User Services service.Now the user can use the EasyAdmin credentials to authenticate.

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